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Tuesday, 24 April 2012

Tuesday Tip (Tried and Tested) #3

Perfect Matte 'Starlet' Skin
Get a matte Hollywood look without the cakiness by using Avon MagiX Face Perfector.
It's said that in order to create her moist, dewy glow, Marilyn Monroe layered her face in Vaseline and then powder alternatively until she had built up the perfect base. If you look at pictures of her compared with other Hollywood stars of the day you'll see that she was the only one who could get away with that kind of 'glow'

Look at Hedy and Lana below...their skin is matt and velvet-like:

But Marilyn could get away with a lot back then - she was one of a kind! According to Anton La Vey (yes - the founder of the 'Church of Satan') she used to allow a tiny bit of urine to drizzle onto the back of her skirt after using the toilet. This, she said, made the men who saw it 'think of her as unable to control herself or her urges....'
Anyway, that is NOT my Tuesday tip!
My tip is how to create that flawless, smooth look that almost everyone in the Golden Era sported, without the cakiness and suffocated skin they probably also had as a result of their heavy powder.
I really have trouble with a shiny T-Zone (stop the presses!) Yes I know it's not a massive issue but nonetheless I'm sure it's something many of us experience. I used to use Clinique 'Pore Perfector' which is about £17 until I discovered AVON's own version which is only £7 at the moment. It's a soft, powdery cream which smells divine. Put it on after moisturiser and it will ensure that your skin only glows where you want it to. It can be used alone, or under foundation as a primer, and if you'd like to try it but don't want to commit to buying full size you can order a little trial size pot from me for about 75p. Either e-mail me or come to my next Make-up, Bake-up!
Until next time...xox

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