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Saturday, 31 March 2012

An Introduction to Vintage Make-up

There are some great tutorials on YouTube which explain how to do the most popular looks from days gone by: Marilyn, Marlene, Audrey etc. But this video by Lisa Eldridge is actually about the products themselves and how they've changed over the years. It's really fascinating, even though it's just a little introduction, and if you look through the rest of Lisa's channel you'll see a two-part history of products in even more depth (http://www.lisaeldridge.com/)
Here's the video "Vintage Make-up...I Love It!"
I find it really interesting that the make-up women wear can depend totally on the zeitgeist of the time - it's not just randomly decided, it's a collective movement to either rebel or conform depending on the circumstances. 
During WWII, many cosmetics companies (including AVON) used half of their facilities to manufacture weapons and soldiers' equipment (especially camouflage make-up), and Avon Ladies sold War Bonds along with their wares. In the 1920's, make up was dark and exaggerated simply because the stars features wouldn't show up on the low quality film without it - but the general public took this as a 'fashion' and that iconic 'Flapper' look was born.
It's incredibly interesting stuff so do check it out xox

Wednesday, 28 March 2012

Read All About It...

10 things you never knew about AVON...

1) They've been around for 125 years
2) The founder David H. McConnell named it after the River Avon as he LOVED Shakespeare.
3) At a time of limited employment opportunities for women his concept, which allowed women to make their own money, was revolutionary.
4)Avon Products Inc. recognised 'corporate responsibility' long before the rest of the world followed suit and their 3 key aims are still Empowering Women, Sustainability and Philanthropy.
5) The Avon Foundation for Women (est 1955) is the world's largest corporate philanthropy organisation focussed on issues that matter most to females. It has donated more than $860 MILLION to more than 50 countries.
6) In 1989, Avon was the first major company to put a permanent end to animal testing.
7) Their Breast Cancer Crusade was launched in the UK in 1992 and at this time more than 163,000 participants have raised $400 MILLION and circumnavigated the globe 210 times via sponsored walks.
8) Their 'Speak Out Against Domestic Violence' campaign was launched in 2004 and already $40 MILLION has been donated to support this cause in 50 countries.
9)Emergency/Disaster relief is high on their priority list and they have awarded $19 MILLION to victims of 9/11, Asian Tsunami (2004), Hurricane Katrina (2005) and Haiti Earthquake (2010)
10) More recently they launched the 'Hello GREEN Tomorrow' initiative to empower a global women's environmental moevement to nurture nature, with a focus on re-forestation.

Take a look at the fabulous interactive timeline and retro posters/products at: http://www.hagley.org/library/exhibits/avon/
Also, see my page at Avon for a longer version of this article and more info :)

Tuesday, 27 March 2012

Welcome to Cake It On! Intro

Hello :)
This is a brand-new blog to coincide with the launch of the "Cake It On" retro Avon tea party. Please check back as it is under construction at the moment but will be fully functional soon :)
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