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Friday, 21 December 2012

Festive Make-Up

Red Lipstick is for life - not just for Christmas!
There used to be a time when women would wear bright red lipstick whether they were cooking dinner, heading out to the shops or picking the children up from school. In fact there are still some glamorous ladies who do exactly that, such as Gwen Stafani. Her signature red lips can be seen in every single pic of her whether she's wandering round Primrose Hill or singing on stage.
Historically red-lips have represented patriotism and glamour - worn either to show support for troops during the 40's or as a nod to Hollywood sophistication in the 50's.

Nowadays however, red lips seem to be relegated to the festive season when it becomes 'Christmassy' to don crimson lips and nails. It's considered a 'night-time' colour or worse, the colour of harlots and femme fatales!
I say that grey drab days in the UK certainly call for a pick me up in the way of a flash of red on the lips and we should return to daytime glamour. However, it is true that red lips can be more 'high maintenance' than a nude gloss or balm, or a lipstick in a paler shade.
There are several ways to combat this - the first is to not actually use a lipstick! I tend to favour Maybelline's "Superstay 24" duo in Cherry Pie, particularly if I'm going to be eating or drinking a lot. The colour stains and grips your lips, and you can simply keep re-applying the clear topcoat so your lips remain moist. Also if anything is going to rub off on a wine glass or cup it will only be the clear topcoat and won't leave a nasty red smudge.
However, I am an Avon lady and I do love their Extra Lasting in 'Eternal Flame' which is one of the best vintage reds around. Using a matte lipstick like that (and if I go red I only EVER go matte..) means that the colour will stay on. Also, if you follow these tips from Lisa Eldridge it will ensure you have a lasting finish.
Plus, there is a lot to be said for that retro favourite Lipcote which works really well and yes it is still available (along with setting lotion, talcum powder and other seemingly forgotten favourites...) 
The only thing left to do is choose a colour that's right for you and this is why I like AVON so much. Most of their lipsticks can be ordered in sample size for 25p! Also, if you order a full size and then decide you DON'T like it you can actually send it back. Have you ever tried to do that at Boots or Superdrug? They won't take back cosmetics that have been used, but AVON will.
So come have a wonderful Christmas and I hope to see you at the next Cake It On! on January 17th at Crimson Heart, Leonard Street, Shoreditch EC2A 4QS to browse the catalogues, try the samples and order to your hearts content until you find the perfect red for you. 6:30pm onwards - see you there! xox
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