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Wednesday, 25 April 2012

The First Cake It On! Event

April 23rd at Crimson Heart
On a grey and rainy day I found myself tying a bandana around my victory rolls to keep them sheltered from the elements. I carried my white petticoat in a bag lest it should be splashed with dirty puddles and I bolted across Shoreditch with my 'Avon lady' bag in tow!
And I'm so glad I did because despite the horrible weather we had a fantastic turn out and a really great night at Crimson Heart .
The first thing I'd like to do is thank the fabulous Vivien of Holloway for the incredible cupcake print circle dress and aforementioned petticoat which I wore throughout the event, to many 'Oooh!'s and 'Aaah!'s and 'Give me a twirl!'s from the ladies:
And as the girls entered the secret little cafe below the vintage shop above, I played classic tunes from Blue Lu Barker, Connie Francis and ok I'll admit: a bit of Shakin Stevens...

On the menu was CAKE of all kinds - from Mia's sister's signature Ginger Cake to little mini chocolate cupcakes all washed down with lashings of lovely tea - or fresh coffee if you want to be sacreligious ;)  You can also bring a bottle of any alcohol you fancy and pay a minimal corkage fee - and you'll be provided with glasses, ice and even a little umbrella for a retro twist
The aim of the event is to give you a chance to look through the catalogue at your leisure as well as have a chat amongst yourselves and be comfortable. But we all come together for interesting facts about Avon, product demonstrations, games with prizes such as Who's got the Funniest Pin-Up Name? and tips on how to re-create the vintage look.

But the best thing about buying products this way is that you can take a look through the catalogue and if there's something you'd like to try I will purchase a sample size for you for free for next time. That way you can try before you buy at no cost to you :) How many times have you bought a foundation that's turned out to be the wrong shade or a day moisturizer that's just so greasy you can't leave the house for an hour while it sinks in? Well never again with AVON! And the best thing is, Cake It On! happens every 3 weeks - the day after the products are delivered to me - so you will have them to try there and then at the event!
This time I also had the fantastic milliner Enola Rose (engrossed in the AVON catalogue, above) selling her beautiful retro bows...Paloma Faith is a fan! And she will be appearing again, as will many other vintage style gurus.
So what are you waiting for? Next Cake It On! is Thursday 17th May so make sure you're there xox

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