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Tuesday, 15 May 2012

Tuesday Tip #5 - Red Lips

The Perfect Red Lip
I may be an Avon Lady but that doesn't mean I'm only going to push my own products as one company can't possibly cover all bases. 
For example, one of the things I really hate about wearing make-up is lipstick! It doesn't matter if you buy a long lasting one and blot a few times between layers and put it over foundation and maybe set it with powder...the fact is it comes off! On your teacup, on your food, on someone's face...whatever.
I have one tip for this and it's to use a product like Maybelline Superstay 24 colour:
"Red Passion"

I used to use this all the time and was sure they discontinued the red I like (above) but in Superdrug the other day I found it. I tested it on my hand to see if it was the right colour then toddled off home excitedly clutching my new lippy. I spent the rest of my night relaxing and had an hour long bath with oils and bubbles and everything...and the below pic is the same dot of colour on my hand after all that!!
I'm certainly not an expert on make-up but I know when something does what it says on the tin and honestly this lip colour is food, drink, wine, kiss...and anything else...proof!
Avon do a similar product but as yet there isn't a red (which you need for vintage) so until they introduce it this Maybelline one is definitely my favourite and considering you can get it between £7-8 it's also a bargain! xox

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  1. I use it too! And believe me it even doesn't come of when you want too! A while back I did a post about it. http://myvintage-retrolife.blogspot.com/


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