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Sunday, 6 May 2012

The Blitz Party

Saturday May 5th - Shoreditch
No self-respecting 40's obsessive (like myself..) would be able to live in London and not go to The Blitz Party! I just thought I'd add a few pics of my hair and make-up etc to this blog and maybe next time we can do a 'Blitz Party' Cake It On! Special if anyone else has tickets for it and want tips on how to achieve the look.
So the clothes are pretty important and I was so pleased to pick up this Tara Starlet dress at their sample sale last weekend. The lovely Tara Scott, who is a committee member of my W.I, basically is Tara Starlet and her company make reproduction clothing from original vintage patterns...and they do it all ethically - it's well worth checking out their website:
Then of course the second most important thing is hair and make-up! I used my usual trusty tools for the hair: setting lotion (about £1.50), hot rollers, kirby grips (about 99p) etc (Ooh my nan would be proud...! All those old fashioned products and cheap too! Well, there is a war on...) 
Now the make up was mostly my usual stuff ....
Liquid Eyeliner
Red Nailpolish
Red Lippy - no that's not mine on him!
But I have a new foundation which is AVON 'Calming Effects Illuminating Foundation' in Ivory and it's fantastic! I love being able to buy little tiny ones to keep in my handbag, and that way I can try the shade before I buy the big one too...it's win-win! (unlike the war which was just WIN...by England). 
Anyway, back to make up.
One thing I also got was new lipstick samples and I really wanted to wear one for Blitz Party so I tried these two on:
"Really Rosy" and "Charged Cherry"
I'll be honest with you, they were lovely colours but the consistency wasn't right for an event like this as they're actually quite sheer and you need gloopy matt lipstick to recreate vintage looks. However, they'll be fantastic summer lipsticks and I'll definitely be wearing these as a 'day' lip, even at work I'd get away with it.
It was such a great event to go to and I know there's one again in June so if you want any tips on how to do Victory rolls then let me know
Right I'd better go - those socks aren't going to Make-Do and Mend themselves...xox


  1. Lovely!

    Are the lipsticks more red or pink?

  2. They're red but a really sheer smooth colour - I'll bring them on Tue if you wanna have a look :) xx


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